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Live Conferece, Agape Bible Church

Name: Live Conference.
When: Oct. 24-25
Where: Agape Bible Church- SE 52nd and Stark Portland , Or.
Time: 6:30 Pm Both Night Sessions
Theme: „For Such A Time As This” Esther 4:14
Speakers: Pastor. Doug Lasit, City Bible Church Portland, OR and Pastor. David Copp, Long Beach, CA 

Possible Registration Fee: $5-10 (we have not made a final decision just yet) 

Note: Please, pray and invited your unsaved and saved friends…. 

Live Youth Ministries. For more information please call,

Narcis Damian,

Tel: 503-233-8066,

Email: y3mnarcis at yahoo.com.

Or visit: http://tineriiromaniamericani.blogspot.com/

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